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About Us

Akhil Education Centre is an official educational foundation registered with the Notary Public, the Semarang City Education Office, and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. AEC Semarang has already obtained an Operational Permit from the Semarang City Education Office and has a National School Principal Number (NPSN) K99967779.

Initially, we focused solely on education by offering foreign language classes including English, Korean, Japanese, French, Mandarin, German, Arabic, and Spanish.

We know that we have the full support of language experts. Therefore, we have started expanding our services by providing translation and interpretation services.

Our Service

Translation Services

AEC Translations is ready to help you with the following translation services:


We offer a wide range of documents for translation in various fields such as legal, medical, web localization, technical, finance, games, marketing, business, technology, press releases, and more.

We also provide a Sworn Translation service to help you translate your documents covering the Work Contract of a company, sale and purchase agreement, agreement letter, tax report, court letters, business proposals abroad, legal documents, MoU, Investment Contracts, SOP of the Company, Annual Financial Statements, CSR, BPOM Registration, Patent Rights Letter, Deed of Establishment of the Company, Statement Letter and so on which usually requires a certified translation and is recognized for its validity.


Audio Translation

You may face boundaries when translating audio form into text. We have the solution for you. Our professional translators will help you to execute it. We use human translators to work on it. So, you can draw emotion and flow from conversations poured into text form. It includes presentations, interviews, podcasts, tutorials, lawsuits, vlogs, and more.



We can transcribe and translate your video into SRT form and others in various languages based on request. It can be in the form of varied topics such as advertisements, short videos, speeches, interviews, and so on. From time-coded translations, we prepare subtitles to industry best practices.



Hardcoded subtitles are subtitles or lines of text that transcribe and play the content of a video without relying upon subtitle plugins or uploading SRT files. Let us help you make it easy.



Our editors use perfect grammar, sophisticated target language and correct formatting to create error-free and effective documents.

Other Services


Integrate professional interpreters into your multilingual meeting, conferences, and events. Let everyone meet, talk, and follow you in their native language, at your location, online, or anywhere in between.


Online interpreting ignores the shortcomings of face-to-face and remote interpreting. Online interpreters are exploring new ways of communicating with their clients using virtual interpretation technology. Our interpreters work remotely but are connected to technological platforms to meet client needs without traditional phone lines.


We support organizations in constant need of reliable face-to-face interpreting for spoken language. Our trained professional interpreters can be scheduled by appointment or on the same day in case of emergencies.


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We use the best linguists and latest technology to ensure translation quality.

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We promise to deliver on time.

6 Easy Steps to Order a Translation

1. Consultation

Talk to our team of experts about your needs.

2. Offer

Get the best deals for translation purposes.

3. Payment

We apply a commitment fee [DP] payment prior to project work.


4. Execution

Translation process by our team.

5. Quality Control

The process of translating documents by our sworn translators is professional, and meticulous, also undergoes strict quality control. It is intended to minimize errors in translation results.

6. Delivery

Delivery of softcopy and hardcopy files.


We offer very competitive service rates. Don’t hesitate! Please contact one of our representatives to provide you with the best cost. 

*** Please send us your translation files to see the most accurate cost. We can provide a price quote. We believe the prices we offer are very competitive! 

  • Discounted prices apply, especially for large translation projects with large translation volumes!
  • Please contact us if you need assistance or submit files that need translation in order to receive an accurate price quote.
  • We are ready to serve you quickly and easily by email, WhatsApp, or phone.

Translation Field

Business (Business plans, proposals, reports, manuals, product guides, business reports, accounting reports, etc.)

Legal (Legal documents such as Family Card, ID Card, Birth Certificate, Land Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Company Deed, Business Identification Number, etc.)

Website (Public organizations, brand recognition, e-commerce, product description pages, etc.)

Medicine/Science (Reports, theses, presentation materials, and fields related to medical services, medical devices, physics, environment, chemistry, etc.)

Game, Animation (Game website, game localization, animation, webtoon, etc.)

Industry/Technology/Engineering (Manuals, patents, and other fields related to civil engineering, construction, machinery, facilities, vehicles, etc.)

Marketing (Fields of specialization in public and media relations such as news articles, copywriting, newsletters, brochures, etc.)

Education (Journals, Reports, Diplomas, Transcripts, National Examination Final Score Transcripts, etc.)

Humanities/Social/Arts (Social, literature, history, music, art, performance, etc.)

IT (Internet, telecommunications, software, hardware, semiconductors, networking, etc.)


What Others Say About Us

"The result is as expected."


Regular translation of tax from Japanese to Indonesian

"The AEC Semarang institution is very trustworthy while working on my translation project. The service provided is also very good. Please keep it up. It would be great if it can be improved again. Thank You."


Regular translation of Family Card, ID Card, Certificate, Transcript, and Birth Certificate from Indonesian to Japanese

“I once used the service of AEC to translate our Mandarin documents. The service is really friendly. I was in touch with Miss Olif. She really helped me. The translated documents managed to be completed on time. Please maintain the service in the future. Hopefully the AEC Translations can be more successful. Thank You."


Regular translation for Ship's Nationality Certificate, Safety certificate from Chinese to Indonesian

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Find out more about freelance opportunities here. Freelance Opportunities

We are always seeking to add new translators, interpreters, and other language industry specialists to our global freelance network. If you are an experienced linguist with a passion for the arts, finance, education, or one of the other industries we serve, we invite you to submit your qualifications to our email info@aectranslations.com

We, AEC Translations, take the security of your data very seriously. We do our best to ensure the confidentiality of your information during the project execution process from you.

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AEC Semarang

Address: Jl. Roro Jonggrang XIV No.3, Manyaran,
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