AEC and Korean Agency: A Classy Collaboration in Korean-to-Indonesian Translation with News, Politics, and Legal Contexts

In this era of globalization, the importance of cross-border communication and language is increasingly emerging as a key element in relations between countries.  The Korean agency has played a central role in ensuring the realization of this translation project. Considering AEC’s experience and expertise in providing translations for Indonesian and Korean language pairs, the Korean […]

AEC’s Long-Term Collaborative Project with Korean Agency

AEC Semarang successfully partnered with a Korean agency for a major translation project. For the third consecutive year, we have been trusted to be their partner. In this project, around 50 talented translators, with diverse backgrounds, joined a very dynamic translation team. These translators come from various parts of Indonesia, and some of them have […]

Collaboration between AEC and Borobudur Conservation Center at the 8th International Experts Meeting on Borobudur 2023

From October 23 to 25, 2023, AEC (Akhil Education Centre) successfully established a high-value collaboration with the Borobudur Conservation Center at the “8th International Experts Meeting on Borobudur 2023”. This prestigious event aimed to gather diverse perspectives and insights from experts across various disciplines to collectively safeguard the world heritage, Borobudur Temple. The meeting comprised […]


Learning how to create a website is a relatively easy process these days. However, if you want to grow your business and reach new markets, you need to implement an effective website localization strategy. Website localization means adapting a website for a local audience. It is important to understand their culture and tailor content to […]

Imagine a World without a Translator and an Interpreter

  Yes, try to imagine our world without a translator and an interpreter? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath because we will explore some of the unimaginable things that you do not want to have without these two roles in our life. The main role for a translator or an interpreter goes beyond localizing […]

Vital Information that You Must Communicate to Your Editors and Proofreaders

    You have several documents to edit and proofread for an important meeting next week. What should you do? Worry not. Our Editors and Proofreaders will be happy to assist you to ensure that the documents will be free from grammatical and typing errors! Let’s find out several vital information that you should not […]

The Wonder of Audio Transcription

  Do not underestimate the power of audio transcription.Why? From gaining a deeper understanding of research to presenting the best research output. Let us share a few tips on what you need to focus on when planning your upcoming audio transcription project. Firstly,make sure that you will only work with the best. We at AEC […]

How Subtitling Can Get You to Acquire New Customers?

We believe that language should be accessible to all. Ensuring that your business can flourish with our high-quality subtitling work is vital. Years of experience in the business gave us the reasons why a good subtitle can be your next strategy to gain new customers. Firstly, content is king. The subtitle will provide the avenue […]

Why Interpreters Are Needed More Than Ever In This Pandemic Era?

  Hosting an event via an online platform is the way forward now. Bringing an experienced interpreter to your next major event should be on the list to bring a better experience for the participants. To begin with, you can eliminate the language barrier with your participants. Trust us AEC Translations to ensure that we will provide […]

The Importance of Localization in Translation

  Today the translation industry is growing. There are many translations needed in various fields. However, many people may not know that there are many types of translation services. From translation, interpretation, dubbing, and subtitling to localization, AEC Translations can help. In this article, AEC Translations focuses on discussing the importance of localization in translation. […]