On November 27 to December 12, 2023, AEC Translations and PPSDM Migas Cepu, Central Java established a collaboration in the field of interpreting focusing on natural gas transmission and distribution supervision training for Tanzanians, with an emphasis on interpreting from Indonesian to English. This collaboration opens the door to improving the skills of the participants and providing opportunities for wider cooperation in the future, especially between Indonesia and Tanzania.

Exploring Tanzania’s Natural Gas Potential

Due to its rich natural environment, Tanzania has large reserves of natural gas. In order to utilize this potential to the fullest, the management and supervision of natural gas transportation and distribution must be improved. Hence, this project aims to provide intensive training to Tanzanians to better understand, monitor and manage their natural gas infrastructure.

Interpreting: Oral Translation as the Key to Success

The significance of language in this project was emphasized through the use of a reliable interpreter.  Our interpreter’s role in translating from Indonesian to English plays an important element to ensure that participants fully comprehended the training materials. By engaging our proficient interpreter, the project is not only an opportunity to improve participants’ technical skills, but also to ensure that they can access and apply the knowledge provided more effectively.

Impacts and Expectations

The collaboration built over the past three weeks is expected to have a significant positive impact. The enhanced skills and knowledge of the participants will not only empower them to contribute to the development of the natural gas industry in Tanzania specifically. However, it is also a plus point for AEC Translations as it can open up further opportunities to work with the best clients across the country and even the world in relation to translation and interpreting in particular. The established collaboration is expected to be the early step in a long relationship between AEC, PPSDM Migas Cepu, and industry stakeholders in Tanzania. Bringing together expertise, knowledge and resources, this project not only provides an opportunity to enhance the capacity of participants, but also to demonstrate how cross-border cooperation can bring about positive change in natural resource management in different parts of the world.

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