In this era of globalization, the importance of cross-border communication and language is increasingly emerging as a key element in relations between countries.  The Korean agency has played a central role in ensuring the realization of this translation project. Considering AEC’s experience and expertise in providing translations for Indonesian and Korean language pairs, the Korean agency chose AEC to be a strong partner in producing accurate and effective translations.

This collaborative project has been ongoing for three years and has produced a variety of indispensable translations in news, political and legal contexts. AEC has helped the Korean Agency to understand the dynamics of translation from Korean to Indonesian, including the grammatical structures, vocabulary, and cultural nuances required to ensure precise and contextually appropriate translations.

AEC has a team of trained and experienced Korean translators spread across Indonesia and even in Korea itself. Currently, there are around 50 translators working on the project. By having a team that understands the original source text, AEC can ensure that the translations produced have a high level of accuracy.

In addition to language qualifications, the AEC translation team also understands news, political and legal topics of a formal nature. They have a deep understanding of technical terms in legal and political contexts, which ensures that the translation truly reflects the original meaning. Currently, AEC’s Korean translation team has worked on more than 200,000 words of translations on these topics. There are still hundreds of thousands more words to be translated by the AEC team in the coming weeks.

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