From October 23 to 25, 2023, AEC (Akhil Education Centre) successfully established a high-value collaboration with the Borobudur Conservation Center at the “8th International Experts Meeting on Borobudur 2023”. This prestigious event aimed to gather diverse perspectives and insights from experts across various disciplines to collectively safeguard the world heritage, Borobudur Temple. The meeting comprised three primary activities with crucial objectives in preserving Borobudur’s heritage:

Presentation of Programs and Challenges

During this meeting, activities included presentations on the programs implemented and the challenges faced by stakeholders in the Borobudur area. In this phase, experts from various backgrounds shared their experiences and understanding of the current conditions, the challenges faced, and the efforts made to preserve Borobudur Temple. Through these presentations, participants gained a deeper understanding of the dynamics and issues in the area.

Field Visits

The second activity involved field visits, providing experts and participants with the opportunity to directly observe the conservation status of Borobudur Temple, Mendut Temple, and Pawon Temple. Through these visits, they could witness the latest developments in the Borobudur area and interact with the local community. This was a critical step in understanding the changes occurring around Borobudur and their impact on this cultural heritage.

Formulation of a 5-Year Program

The final activity focused on a strong collaboration among experts to formulate a 5-year program. The program aimed to develop strategies and solutions to address current and potential challenges. This is where experts combined their knowledge and experience to create an action plan that would help preserve Borobudur Temple over the next five years. This collaboration is essential to ensure the sustainability of this world heritage site.

AEC’s Contribution

It’s important to note that AEC played a significant role in the success of this event. We provided three of our professional interpreters from October 23 to 25, 2023. Our interpreters effectively bridged the language gap, especially between Indonesian and English, ensuring smooth communication during this international event. AEC’s contribution was invaluable in ensuring that all participants could actively engage in the discussions and the formulation of these vital programs.

The “8th International Experts Meeting on Borobudur 2023” was attended by various stakeholders, including the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (Central Java BPPW), the Ministry of Religion, the Office of Religious Affairs in Magelang Regency, the Mount Merapi National Park Authority, the Borobudur Authority Board (BOB), and other relevant parties.

The collaboration between AEC and the Borobudur Conservation Center serves as an outstanding example of how language barriers can be overcome through cooperation and the delegation of interpreters. Cross-border collaboration between the Borobudur Cultural Heritage Center and stakeholders, both domestically and internationally, enriches discussions and actions in preserving the invaluable world heritage, Borobudur Temple. With this strong collaboration, we hope to see concrete steps taken to safeguard Borobudur for future generations.

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