Today the translation industry is growing. There are many translations needed in various fields. However, many people may not know that there are many types of translation services. From translation, interpretation, dubbing, and subtitling to localization, AEC Translations can help.

In this article, AEC Translations focuses on discussing the importance of localization in translation.

Language localization is the process of adapting a translation for an audience in a particular country or region. Localization is the second stage of the translation process, where more cultural adaptations are made (for a particular country, region, culture, or group) to compensate for differences between the source language or culture and the target/goal.

Unlike translation, localization adapts the language of the text to the language of the target audience and its cultural and linguistic background in order to be as close as possible to the original. Translation in the narrow sense is translating a source language text into a target language.

The localization process allows citizens of different countries to understand the same information in different languages, have different visual identities and preferences, and even use different numeric symbols that correspond to their languages.

Yes, translation is part of the localization process. In practice, however, localization can be more complex, difficult, and rigorous, as the translation team must fully consider the country`s cultural and linguistic characteristics.

Linguistic and cultural adaptation cannot be separated from the overall product or content localization process. Vocabulary, dialect, legal requirements, currency, visual aspects, day and date spelling formats, and cultural preferences of the source language should be adapted to the local target language.

Simply put, localization delivers the language, look, and experience your audience expects.

If you want to connect more closely with your target market or audience, you can benefit greatly from localization, especially if your product or service seems tailor-made for your audience but is not forced into it.


Some projects that require localization services go beyond literal translation, including:


Website and Blog

If you have a website or Blog dedicated to selling products and services or sharing information, connecting with your audience is essential. Localizing your website or Blog is proven to increase audience engagement and get your message across. This helps you build trust with your audience and increase the number of readers and visitors to your website or Blog.

Product information

When pitching and describing your product globally, you need to be aware of where your target audience is. This is necessary for the information you are trying to convey to be accepted by your local audience.

Game or Mobile Application

Localization of games and mobile applications is necessary because the target audience comes from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. Lack of localization hints and hard-looking translations can have a significant impact on user experience when accessing the game and mobile application. They are either unfamiliar with it or do not understand the operation at all.

Marketing Content

Slogans, taglines, and brand messages must be delivered in a specific context, so promotional content is heavily influenced by localization. Ads also often contain idioms, metaphors, and innuendos to attract the target market. Poorly calculated localization can be a big marketing problem. The logo may need to be changed if it doesn’t fit the target culture.

Legal or Health Sector

These areas have a high degree of specialization and specific terminology, which may vary from one subject to another (such as articles in medical journals or legal documents).

Social Media

In this day and age, social media plays a vital role in all aspects of marketing and communicating with the public. Therefore, localization is very important as effective and accurate communication on social media is very important.


From the explanation above, you can see how important localization is in translation. If the translation process only requires translators, localization attracts a large audience from different professions and the general public.

So when localizing, make sure your project is handled by the right translators at AEC Translations. Submit your project to AEC Translations, a translation company in Semarang. We provide the best service and the best translation results.

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