Machine translation is a machine that uses artificial intelligence to automatically translate text from one language to another without human intervention. Such translations have advantages such as convenience, fast results, and low cost.

Compare this to human translator services, which are not always available,  take longer to get translation results, and are more expensive. So it’s no surprise that machine translation has become so popular and necessary today. Machine translation seems to be gradually replacing the human translator profession.

Machine translation results still have many shortcomings, but existing technologies have evolved and improved over time. However, it should be emphasized that computers cannot fully replace human translators. Here AEC Translations attempts to summarize some of the advantages of human translators that seem impossible for machines to imitate.

Find Out About Human Translation

Understanding the Context of the Situation

Words and phrases can have different meanings in different situations. However, machine translation cannot accurately convey this meaning, resulting in inaccurate translation results.

Understanding of Meaning

Meaning is not only derived from words, but also from many other factors such as socio-cultural environment, tone/means, and the relationship between media and audience.

Sense of Language

People can capture the mood and nuances of text and translate it into the appropriate linguistic style. For example, when translating a literary work, the translator must be able to not only convey the message but translate it in a beautiful and appropriate way of speaking.


Machine translation is therefore not a threat. However, machine translation should be seen as a useful tool that facilitates the translator’s work with monotonous and technically heavy translations, which of course should be read and edited. If used wisely, machine translation can be an invaluable tool for professional translators to save time and money and understand the diversity of word and phrase choices in a target language.

However, AEC Translations provides translators based on human translations, so you don’t have to worry. This way, you can be sure that the translation results of your requested project comply with existing standards.

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