Currently, there are many translation services in Indonesia, one of which is AEC Translators. To avoid choosing the wrong one, AEC Translators offers some tips for choosing a good translator.

Adjust to Your Needs

After reading Difference Between A Translator and An Interpreter, we found out that there are some translation services. There are oral translation services, often called interpreters, and written translation services, called translators. Therefore, when choosing a translation service, you should tailor it to your needs.

Portfolio and Consumer Testimonials

When choosing a translation service, make sure that the translation service you choose is reliable. One way is to review the client’s portfolio and testimonials. Usually, a professional translation service provider has their portfolio and customer feedback posted on their website. As such, you should first review their portfolio before deciding to employ their services.

Ensuring the Quality of Translation Results

Ensuring the quality of translation results is equally important. This warranty can take the form of free revisions. Therefore, when choosing a translation service, pay close attention to the services offered, free corrections or not. It would be even better if the translation service could proofread the translation results

Assuring Document Confidentiality

Finally, document confidentiality has to be guaranteed. Non-disclosure agreements very important to prevent translators from misusing documents. Especially when the document to be translated is a confidential document such as a business contract.  

Hopefully, this article can help you to choose translation services wisely. Also, please make sure you get the best place to meet your needs by getting translators or interpreters like the ones that AEC Translations has.

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